A lot of people make poor food choices simply because they don’t know the correct ones to make. After all, unless you took nutrition in school or your parents taught you, food choices and combinations can be difficult, especially when you go out to eat.

The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx tries to make our food menu as simple as possible, using only the freshest ingredients and the least amount as well. We’ve packed our food menu with healthy food choices so you can come in and not have to think too hard about what to order. In this blog post, we’ll explore tips on how to eat out healthy. Contact us today to get started!


Plan Ahead

Planning what you will eat will go a long way to making healthy choices while you are eating out. The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx recommends that you read the menu before you go. This will give you time to look at all of the options and read all of the fine print. If you go out with friends, you can be pressured to hurry up and decide, especially if everyone at the table is hungry, which can lead to you just randomly picking from the menu.

Order Water, and Drink As You Go

Many of us drink so many empty calories that can especially be true as you are distractedly talking over dinner with friends. You’ll want to drink water before you go out, which will fill you up, and drink as the meal goes along. This will lead to you eating fewer calories as you’ll feel full.

Chew Slower

As Americans, we lead incredibly busy lives, which often means we don’t leave ourselves time to eat. Thus, we end up shoveling food down like we shovel snow and end up consuming many more calories because it takes our body time to let us know we are full. When you chew slower, you’ll give your body time to catch up and signal you when you are full, and you may even eat less because you are tired of waiting!

Order Food How You Want It

Just because a restaurant food menu tells you how it is prepared doesn’t mean you have to order it that way. In fact, you can create your own plates based off the type of restaurant. For instance, you can ask that your meat be plain and substitute out other sides for more vegetables. The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx recommends that you substitute baked for fried, ask for smaller portions, and ask how your food is being prepared.


The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx aims to help you meet your nutritional goals. Every restaurant menu item and carry out item we offer is a healthy food choice. Since all of our healthy food tastes good, you will be doubly satisfied knowing your palette and your waistline will be happy. Healthy eating doesn’t have to taste bad. Contact our healthy restaurant in NYC today!

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