Let’s face it, the food will either make or break your event. You could have the best band and the best dance floor, but if the food is bad, that will be what people will comment on the most. Finding the right food catering company is crucial to the success of your event.

The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx offers event catering of all types, including corporate catering, wedding catering, and party catering. We offer a variety of healthy food options for your catering event, including accommodations for dietary restrictions. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages to hiring an event catering company. Contact us today to get started!


You’re Hiring Professionals

When you only plan one big event per year (or even less), your experience is minimal. This means that you are often caught unaware of what to do when problems arise. When you partner with a professional catering company, they often know what can go wrong, and they anticipate it, which helps to prevent any missteps during the actual event itself. Furthermore, when planning food for a large group of people, it can be extremely difficult to not only calculate how much food you will need, but also to prepare all of that food. The Healthy Kitchen is well-versed in event food catering and can prepare the perfect amount of food, ensuring you won’t run out or you won’t be stuck with a lot of unused leftovers.

Saves You Time

Planning an event takes time. There are a lot of moving parts you have to plan for and anticipate, and there can be a steep learning curve when you are unsure exactly what you will need. When you partner with a professional catering company, they can take a huge part of the event planning off the table by taking care of the food needs. Preparing food in large quantities is itself a monumental task. Let the experts at The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx handle the food so you can handle the rest of the event.

Saves You Money

Food caterers are experts at making large quantities of meals. As such, they know where to buy their food and exactly how much to make. If you tried to prepare all of the same amount of food, odds are you’d spend a lot more and misjudge the amount, costing you in both reputation of the event and in actual food costs. Moreover, food catering companies are experts at planning for special dietary needs and at preparing food in an environment that prevents cross-contamination, so that those with food allergies are safe.

Reduces Stress

Besides saving you time and money, hiring a professional food caterer will also reduce your stress and anxiety over the event itself. You may actually get to enjoy the event instead of worrying about all of the little details when you hire a professional food catering company.

Can Do More Than You Can

It’s hard for event planners to admit that they can’t do it all (they are often type A personalities). However, food catering companies have all of the equipment and the staff to deliver a superior food product with different food options than you ever could. They know what foods taste good and will most likely be a hit with your company and which foods to avoid. And the food can set the tone; for example, hors d’oeuvres that are formal can make your event more formal versus finger foods that will make your event more casual.


The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx loves giving you healthy food choices for your party, whether it’s a small party celebrating an anniversary to a large corporate event that is showing employees their appreciation. Call us today for our food catering pricing!

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