2020 not only marks a new year but a new decade as well. For many, they are more determined than ever to meet their new year’s resolutions head-on — and this time win!

Since losing weight is the number one new year’s resolution every year, The Healthy Kitchen has decided to dedicate this blog post to tips on how you can eat healthier in the new year and lose weight while doing so.

The Healthy Kitchen is a healthy food restaurant in the Bronx. We specialize in offering prepared meals that are quick healthy meals you can eat to lead a more healthy lifestyle and support your weight loss goals. We also offer event catering that features our healthy meals so you can enjoy your event without worrying about eating too many calories. Below, we’ll offer up how to eat healthier overall in the new year. Contact us today to get started!


Surround Yourself with Healthier Foods

This tip for healthy eating may be intuitive, but it holds true: you can’t eat unhealthy food if there is none to be had. As easy as this sounds, this is actually quite difficult to achieve, especially if you have kids around or others in your household who are not as committed to eating healthy as you are. Plus, as we all know, grocery stores are set up to capitalize on our impulse buys, and while resisting all the junk food aisles in the store may be easy, standing in line with candy bars staring at you may not be as such.

The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx recommends that you have plenty of healthy food to snack on that is lying around your home and in your refrigerator, and you make these easy to reach. Having pre-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a handy source of protein such as cottage cheese, will make choosing healthier foods easier.

Eat Before You Are Starving

The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx notes that one area where many people fail to make a healthy choice is when they are starving. This is because your blood sugar is so low that your body needs a source of quick sugar to spike it back up, which is why that candy bar looks so appealing. When you go too long between eating, you can sabotage your goals of healthy eating.

Drink Water Instead of Eating Food

Many people mistakenly think they are hungry when they are really thirsty. This can lead to unhealthy food choices, as well as overeating. Many people also don’t drink enough water, which can stress the kidneys, cause fatigue, and lead to an overall blah feeling.


The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx specializes in all things healthy. As a healthy food restaurant, we offer great-tasting food items that are all good for you, from our smoothies that are made from real fruit to our pizza selections that are made with whole wheat crust made with low fat cheese. Our healthy restaurant offers low-carb options as well as all-protein options to accommodate your dietary needs.

In addition, we offer food catering and meal delivery services in the Bronx area. Our food catering service also offers all healthy food options, and our meal prep delivery service takes the guessing out of what to make for dinner and simplifies your life, especially after a long, busy day at work when you are tempted to make something quick and fast or to stop at a non-healthy fast food restaurant on the way home from work.

Eating healthier in the new year doesn’t have to be hard; all it takes is a bit of preplanning. Contact The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx today for any of our healthy food choices.

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