The new year is approaching, which means it’s about time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions. For many people, losing weight and getting healthy top the list. For many, however, this is an incredibly difficult thing to do. After all, we all lead such very busy lives, and finding the extra time to go to the gym, prepare healthy food instead of popping through drive-up, and change our lifestyles can be challenging.

The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx offers healthy meals in our restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From smoothies and omelets to low carb offerings, such as our Chicken Mandaley, we offer wholesome, nutritious foods for the whole family. In addition, we offer meal prep services, and we deliver! This makes it easy for you after a long day at work and running the kids around town for sports and such. Below, we’ll go over how meal prep can help you lose weight in the coming year. Contact us today!


Prevents the Starvation Cave-in

Since most of us lead very busy lives, it’s easy to get so busy that you forget to eat, or you lose track of time and realize it’s been six hours since you ate. Usually, however, by this point, your body is craving food. It is in these moments that you grab the first food in sight since you are famished. This is where the vending machine and the fast food drive up get you every time. However, when you partner with The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx for healthy meal prep services, you instead will have a pre-made meal ready to just take from the fridge and eat it. You will satisfy your immediate craving for food, and it will be a balanced meal tailored for your wants and needs. Even if you are craving a cheeseburger, knowing you have a healthy meal waiting for you will help prevent impulse buys. Thus, you will stop you from consuming a whole junk food meal just because it’s convenient.

You Will Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most often skipped meal in the day for many reasons. The mornings can be hectic, as you struggle to get your kids up for school, get yourself ready, make sure all of the animals are fed before you walk out the door, and make sure you’ve packed yourself a lunch. In the midst of it all, you probably didn’t have time to eat breakfast, or you forgot. However, with The Healthy Kitchen’s healthy meal prep services, you can have a healthy breakfast that is easy to grab and just requires a minute or two in the microwave. This will give you brain power to fuel your day and put you in a much better mood. Furthermore, skipping meals can put your body into starvation mode, where it is more likely to store what you eat next as fat. You should be eating regularly in order to promote weight loss.

You Will Eat a Healthy Lunch

Many of us fall into the trap of going out to eat with our work colleagues for lunch. After all, you need a break from your four walls, and you love catching up with your co-workers after a full morning of work. However, not only do you spend a lot of money eating out, but you often patronize restaurants that aren’t the healthiest. If you go to lunch at a burger joint, guess what you will be eating: burgers and fries, which, at fast food joints, don’t usually promote weight loss. Thus, when you order your meal delivered from The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx, you will have a nutritious lunch that you can take with you when you go out with friends for lunch, or you can have a picnic outside if the weather is nice to get your fresh air. Eating a healthy lunch is very important so you don’t fall into the afternoon slump as well.

You Will Eat a Variety of Foods

Eating a variety of foods not only gives your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function, but it also helps you to better manage your weight. Here at The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx, we do our best to vary up our meals. Every meal will include macronutrients, or protein, carbohydrates, and fat to help your insulin level. However, we pick different items to satisfy those needs, from grilled chicken Parmesan to fajitas. We do our very best to make every meal flavorful and appetizing. When you order, you can see the exact amounts of protein, carbs, and fat in each meal, so if you are following a certain diet, you can plan your meal accordingly.


Healthy meals are essential for losing weight. Exercise can help you lose weight faster, can help you build muscle (which burns more calories), and can make you tone. However, you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Diet trumps exercise every time, so it’s a critical piece in your weight loss journey.

The Healthy Kitchen aims to make your meals easy, so you can mindlessly open the fridge, take out a meal, heat it up, and eat it. This saves you time from having to prepare meals, as well as money from all of the impulse buys you do at the grocery store. You will eat less junk food, and you will be able to eat on a schedule. You also won’t overeat since there is a certain amount of food in each meal, and once that’s gone, you can’t go back for refills.

Healthy meal prep services just makes sense when you are trying to lose weight. With our meal prep services, you can customize your meals and eat only what you like if you prefer. It’s easy to vary them up, and our meal menu does change as we add in more meal offerings. Contact The Healthy Kitchen in the Bronx today!

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