The age-old expression “You are what you eat” is thrown around commonly. Chances are, at one point or another, you’ve been told that what you choose to put into your body reflects who you are and how you function.

In today’s modern food landscape filled with an overabundance of sugary, processed options, the idea of embodying the very things you eat becomes more important and relevant than ever before. But of course, eating healthy — and finding the time and energy to do so — is more than a challenge.

So, what’s a hard-working, busy person like yourself to do?

Order From The Healthy Kitchen!

Eating healthy, real food is possible even when you’re busy beyond belief. The Healthy Kitchen is your premier eatery and meal prep service in the Bronx conveniently located between Indian Village and Westchester Square. As foodies ourselves, we enjoy delicious, flavorful food, and it’s our honor and passion to share the gift of real food with people in New York.

We also value the importance of healthy eating, and that’s why the word “healthy” is in our brand name! We’re proud to offer an extensive menu of meals and options ranging from “marginally healthy” to “totally healthy” (and plenty of other options on the health spectrum).

To help celebrate the launch of our new website, The Healthy Kitchen offers a quick overview of the value our Bronx meal prep service provides.

Order Online — We Deliver!

Even though we’re quite a ways from Manhattan, we’re no strangers to the concrete jungle. The Healthy Kitchen works closely with food delivery companies such as Grubhub™ to help deliver our delicious meals as part of a one-time or recurring service. Whether you work from home, you’re tired of fast food, or just don’t feel like going to the grocery store, our Bronx eatery makes it very easy to receive piping hot, delicious and real food at your doorstep.


What’s an event without food? A surefire way to have grumpy guests at a party or unproductive employees at a company conference is by leaving them hungry. Whether you’re in search of a light lunch catering company or someone who can provide a full-on buffet for your party members, The Healthy Kitchen is the Bronx-based catering company for you.

The best way for us to cater your event without a hitch is to contact us. From there, we’ll learn more about your needs and figure out the best way to cater to them…literally.

Weekly Specials

Our specials change very often, so they’re always worth checking out. After all, it’s not like you’ll magically stop eating one day! Long-time customers enjoy our $3 smoothie happy hour, and our half-off add ons are also a hit. If you need to eat, you may as well get the most bang out of your buck, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Meal Prep (Made Very Easy!)

Our meal prep service is where The Healthy Kitchen truly shines. We offer a variety of meal packages for ease of ordering, but we also offer a la carte options for those who want more control in creating your own meals.

With easy, fast delivery in mind, The Healthy Kitchen cooks all of our meal prep dishes fresh upon your order, and we only deliver within a certain radius to ensure total freshness. Our resident chef takes flavor as seriously your health, and constantly refines our menu while perfecting some of our more popular dishes.

Think about the convenience of healthy, freshly prepared meals: they’re nutritionally balanced, ready-to-go meals delivered straight to your door. Heat them up at your convenience, and you’re totally good to go! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Feeling Hungry? Order Through Our Bronx Meal Prep Company Today!

Remember, hunger is a constant, ongoing battle. Get the culinary ammunition you need to win on a daily basis. Order one-time deliveries or recurring meals through The Healthy Kitchen!

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